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John Zarwan has written for a number of printing and packaging industry and association publications. He is the author of a number of seminal white papers, including Plates in the Press Room: The Fujifilm Advantage (.pdf), The Environmental Impact of a Printing Plate (.pdf), CTP Plate Making: Understanding the Real Costs (.pdf).

His most recent white paper, Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Digital Presses, is available upon request at no charge.

Two white papers on Print Buyers, co-authored with Margie Dana, are also available for purchase.

The New Print Buyers: Who They Are, What They Want and What You Should Do

The role of print -- and the print buyer -- is changing. Print buyers now have other, sometimes more important, responsibilities. To understand these changes, Margie Dana teamed up with consultant John Zarwan to develop a profile of the New Print Buyers. They surveyed 315 print buying and marketing professionals in corporations and creative agencies across in the U.S. and Canada to find out how their print buying practices and behaviors may have changed.

This 40-page report includes insights into the changing titles of today's print buyers, where they are likely to work within their organization, what value-added services they look for when selecting printers, and what else they’re responsible for in their roles, and what’s happening to their print budgets.

Here's what Don Clampitt, Chairman/CEO of Clampitt Paper Company had to say about The New Print Buyers:

"This report is filled with insider information about who is buying print these days and what printers need to know to get in front of the right people. I found the information in it so compelling that I sponsored along with PIA a presentation to the local print community..."
Price: $99

Print Buyers & the Paper Industry: Who They Rely on, How They Source Paper, and Where They Get Their Information

The team of Margie Dana and John Zarwan studied nearly 200 print buyers about their paper-sourcing practices for commercial print jobs. This 33-page report highlights the key resources that print buyers rely on for their paper "intelligence," how little or how much print buyers interact with paper mills and merchants, the role that printers play in their paper-buying behaviors, and what they would like the paper industry to know about their needs.
Price: $99.00

Print Buyers & the Paper Industry and The New Print Buyers Bundle Buy Both Reports and Save!

You can now purchase both Print Buyers & the Paper Industry and The New Print Buyers for a special discounted price of just $129 when you buy them together. 

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